Labor Day Weekend: Florida! Baton Rouge! Texas!


Friday 29th August

8:30 - Alarm went off. 

10:30 - We got up. 

11:20 - Left hotel 20 minutes after check-out. Set off for Destin, Fl, for Labor Day weekend. Seb's turn to drive. 

11:55 - Stopped for lunch. Barney had a Chinese^ and Seb and I went to Big Momma's House**

12:23 - We got gas (petrol). 

12:30 - Barney took over driving so Seb could finish his waffles in the back seat.

12:44 - Seb took over driving. 

12:59 - Suffering from sudden-waffle-fatigue, Seb retired to the back seat and I took over driving.

13:00 - Seb fell asleep.

16:30 - Arrived in a rainy Destin. Was still hotter than we were used to so changed into our trunks and set off for the beach. 

17:50 - The rain passed. We swam and played frisbee alone. 


19:00 - Decided we didn't want to eat out again but would rather eat pizza and wings in the hotel room. 

20:00 - Found a shop called 'Pizza and Wings'. Ordered in excess. 

21:00 - After food^^, I overheated so had a cold shower. 

Saturday 30th August

9:30 - Alarm went off. 

11:00 - We got up. Seb went for a run. 

11:19 - Seb returned with 9 golf balls. 

12:25 - We left the hotel 1 hour 25 minutes after checkout. 

12:45 - Went to beach. Barney got burnt. 


14:00 - Went for lunch at the harbour*

16:00 - Left for Baton Rouge. 

17:40 - Heated discussion about how to write the best blogs. 

18:23 - Stopped discussion. 

19:00 - Had a McDonald's^*^^. Sorted a hotel and decided we were going to hit the town later, as the Louisianna State University Tigers - based in Baton Rouge - were playing that evening. 


22:00 - Checked into the hotel. We showered, watched a bit of The Shawshank Redemption then jumped in a cab. 

00:00 - Drunk in a near-empty Irish bar as the Tigers were playing away - in Houston - that night, and everyone had gone there instead.

00:22 - Got a taxi to the hotel. 

01:00 - Got a taxi to the correct hotel as we chatted with the driver about the difficult language barrier. 

01:10 - Fell asleep. 

01:22 - Taxi dropped us off. 

Sunday 31st August

9:00 - Alarm went off^^

10:34 - We got up. 

11:10 - Left the hotel only 10 minutes after check-in. Went to organise a round of golf. 

12:00 - Had lunch while waiting for our tee-off time***^

13:15 - We teed off. 


13:21 - Seb was sent back to the clubhouse to get new balls as we'd managed to lose 7 of the balls he'd found, by the first green.


13:30/15:30 inc. - Sweat and swearing.

16:00 - Packed up and headed for Texas - our 14th state. 

18:00 - Heated discussion about how to write the best blogs. 

18:23 - Stopped discussion. 

19:00 - Stopped for Mcdonald's for some WiFi so we could sort a hotel. Nobody ate anything^^

20:30 - Arrived at hotel on the Texas border. There were people dressed in funny hats and badges that said something about grottos. Barney reckoned it must be a meeting of professional Santa impersonators. Turned out it said Cashan Grotto - a gathering of all the Freemasons in South-West America.

22:00 - We took advantages of the hotel's gym facilities then had a swim. 

23:40 - Starving, we walked - yes, walked -  across the interstate to a Waffle House***. 

00:00 - Had some wine in our beds and decided to get up early the next day to make the most of Labor Day in Austin. We set our alarms for 7:30.

Monday 1st September - LABOR DAY

07:30 - Alarm went off. 

07:31 - Decided we should leave at 8.30 instead. 

10:34 - We got up. 

11:00 - Left the hotel right on-time(!) for check-out.

11:01 - Found out check-out was at 10:30.

12:00 - Took Seb to Walmart to buy new socks.

12:30 - Stopped at  International House of Pancakes for lunch**^

13:06 - Left for Austin

13:08 - Stopped for Gas/Drive-thru ATM

15:03 - Discussed who should write the next blog...


 *Seb over-ordered. 

**Seb over-ordered and had it all on pancakes.

***Seb over-ordered and had it all on waffles. 

^Barney spilt something down himself. 

^^Barney spilt something on the floor.