New website and a blog

Hello, no one! (Probably)

I have set up a website to further my career. My mum had the idea I should buy the domain name and basically clean up every gig in town. But it was over 100 quid so that idea was out. Then I thought I could buy the domain name because that is actually my name. And it was a lot cheaper. So I did and also I thought I'd do a big bastard blog along with it. I hope it won't be boring. I won't talk about trumpets too much. The main thing coming up is a big road trip across America leaving on the 18th August with my bruv Barney Philpott and our mate Iain Maxwell. So I had to start a blog didn't I. I need a place to dump a load of photos and videos, and if you are interested you can follow that sort of thing. But don't do it just to be polite.

P.S. I went to see Monty Python's last ever live show on Sunday night and I loved it. RIP Monty Python.


P.P.S. Here is a trailer for the film Sharknado 2. Because I was just in the fishmongers in Essex Road and they were filming it and so I might be in it.